Earthwise products have the best window warranty available in the industry. Our Earthwise vinyl windows and doors are backed by a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. In addition, you also have the assurance of the Good Housekeeping Seal with its two-year money-back guarantee. With the best window warranty in the business, Earthwise products provide a lifetime of worry-free performance.

The Earthwise Group, LLC Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your Earthwise windows and doors were manufactured by a Member of the Earthwise Group, LLC, a national network of independently-owned window and door manufacturers who work together to provide you with the best window and door products available today. Our regional manufacturing philosophy allows us to benefit from the shared experience of making the same products, but with subtle differences that are designed to allow our products to provide optimum performance and value in the specific geographic regions where they will be installed. For example, the insulated glass package used in the hot climates of Texas and Florida is different than the one used in the cold climates of Minnesota and New England. No other window and door manufacturer can offer this type of regionally-specific performance and value!

Our Promise to You

Simply stated, and subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, the original Earthwise manufacturer (“Manufacturer”) warrants that each of its Earthwise windows and doors will be free from covered manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the original retail purchaser (“Purchaser”), for as long as the Purchaser owns and resides in the single-family residence in which the Earthwise products were originally installed. This warranty is applicable to all Earthwise window and door products produced by an authorized Earthwise manufacturer on or after January 1, 2014.

The Manufacturer of the Earthwise products covered under this warranty is:
107 Pierce Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Scope of Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Subject to the terms, limitations and conditions contained herein, the Manufacturer warrants its vinyl window and door products to perform in-service without substantial impairment of operation when properly installed and maintained in a suitable application.
  • Vinyl Extrusions – Shall not warp, rot, pit, or peel.
  • Hardware – Shall operate properly and perform those functions for which it was originally designed.
  • Sealed Insulated Glass Units – Shall remain free of permanent film formation between the panes of glass that directly and substantially obstructs the transparency of the glass unit.

Unless transferred in the manner set out below, this warranty shall be for the sole benefit of the original Purchaser of the Earthwise window or door product for as long as the original Purchaser owns and resides in the single-family residence (residential home, townhome or condominium unit) in which the Earthwise product is installed.

How to Request Assistance

All obligations of the Manufacturer under this Warranty are contingent upon the Manufacturer being provided proper notice by the original Purchaser covered by the warranty and a reasonable opportunity for the Manufacturer to perform. Notice should be provided directly to the Authorized Earthwise dealer/installer from whom the Earthwise product was acquired, and must include: (1) your name and contact information; (2) proof of purchase of the Earthwise product; (3) a description of the Earthwise product; (4) proof of coverage by this Warranty; and (5) a description of the nature of the problem. In the event that notice cannot be provided to the original Authorized Earthwise dealer/installer from whom the Earthwise product was acquired, you may notify the original Earthwise Manufacturer in writing at the address shown to the left. In the event that notice cannot be provided to the original Earthwise Manufacturer, you may notify The Earthwise Group, LLC in writing at:

5796 Cedarview Court,
Liberty Township, Ohio 45044
Or, you may contact us via e-mail at