These fixed window styles give you freedom and flexibility in design. Whether you need simple transoms, sidelights or geometric shapes, Vinylmax’s custom manufacturing can bring your ideas to life. Whether you want half-rounds, quarter-rounds, triangles or trapezoids, rely on Vinylmax products to complement the architecture of any structure. Our approach is: You design it—we’ll build it.

Should you need high-performance windows, Vinylmax will consult with you on your specific needs. Our custom manufacturing process gives us the flexibility to meet many high-performance requests which other manufacturers cannot accommodate. We can assist with window configurations using low-E glass coatings, selective transmission films, inert gas fills, triple-pane glass and thermal breaks which help boost energy performance.

Just give us a call anytime to discuss your high performance needs. Vinylmax: 800-390-9921

Window Technology

Our insulating glass technology and vinyl processing production ensures the highest quality and performance in our window systems.

Warm Edge Technology

When selecting windows for your home you want to look for products that give you the quality and performance you deserve. A smart place to begin is to look for windows that have a warm edge insulated glass system.

Super Spacer® and/or Intercept® insulated glass is the advanced “Warm Edge Technology” insulated glass system in Earthwise Vinyl Windows. The Super Spacer and /or Intercept insulated glass is so energy efficient that it keeps the edges of the window glass warmer, making your home comfortable in the winter.

Low-E Glass Technology

Earthwise Vinyl Windows offers some of the most advanced warm edge technology in our window systems. Our optional PPG Solarban 70 is a value-added Low-E glass product that brings energy savings and comfort to your home.

PPG Solarban 70 significantly reduces the fabric fading effect of ultraviolet light and resists condensation and its effect on your home environment. In choosing energy savings, make The Wise Choice. Choose PPG Solarban 70 Low-E glass and Super Spacer warm edge technology in Earthwise Windows.

Vinyl Technology

The design of the window and the quality of the extrusion ensures beauty and performance in a finished product. Earthwise Vinyl Windows are designed and extruded by our partner, Deceuninck Inc. recognized as the world’s leading extruder of vinyl window and door systems. All vinyl is produced from abundantly common natural materials. This means our vinyl is an extremely eco-responsible product. All of our vinyl profiles are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Optional Designer Color Choices

  • Available in Standard Linen (white)
  • Optional Desert Sand
  • Optional Pebble Stone Clay
  • Optional Bronze Exterior Laminate

Linen Vinylmax (standard)

Desert Sand Vinylmax

Bronze Exterior Laminate

Pebble Stone Clay Vinylmax

Internal Grid Options

  • Flat 5/8”
  • Contoured 3/4”
  • SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) Grids

5/8” White Flat

3/4” White Contoured

Simulated Divided Lite