Our multi-story C-50 Commercial/Residential vinyl window is a high-performance single-hung window
system. The unique cove mold look of the welded master frame offers an attractive exterior appearance while the low-profile sloped sill maximizes rain runoff. Both the upper and lower sash are fully reinforced. The rails and stiles have custom-extruded inserts, making the sash strong enough to withstand the wind load and water pressures of the C-50 window rating.

Earthwise vinyl windows have a distinctive, sculpted millwork look. We offer numerous window décor choices to complement any design style. Earthwise products also give you an array of colors, grid selections, hardware and glass options.

Product Image
  • Fusion-Welded Frame and Sash: The utmost in strength and integrity.
  • Heavy Walled Construction: 0.065” nominal wall thickness.
  • Advanced Balance System Technology: Block and tackle; provides smooth operation of sash in this C-50 window.
  • Trim Sightline: Allows maximum amount of light.
  • Millwork-Look Exterior Frame Design: Gives rich detail and style, providing a distinctive millwork-finished look.
  • Recessed-In Tilt Latches: Color-matched low profile latches for a neat appearance.
  • Soft Curved Sash Design: The attractive appearance of the sash complements any structure.
  • Composite Cam Lock and Keeper: Cam action actually draws sashes closer together for a positive lock.
  • Heavy Duty Reinforcement: Top and bottom sash are entirely reinforced.
  • Tilt-In Sash: Sash tilts in for easy cleaning.
  • 3/4” PPG Intercept Insulated Glass System: Non-conductive spacer provides a barrier to heat transfer in insulating glass unit.
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail: Provides additional security and has passed AAMA Forced Entry Resistance Test.
  • Optional PPG Solarban-70 Low-E Glass: For maximum regional thermal efficiency.
  • Heavy-Duty Weatherstrip Design:  With double mylar fins for resistance to air and water infiltration.
  • Taller Sill Tower: 1-1/16” taller than normal, creating a higher water and air dam.
  • Clear Advantage Sturdy Half Screen: Provides a much improved and unobstructed view.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Fixed Lite and Sash Secured with High-Strength Structural Silicone Adhesive
  • Metal Jamb Clips Reinforced Jamb Pocket

Optional Designer Color Choices

  • Available in Standard Linen (white)
  • Optional Desert Sand
  • Optional Bronze Exterior Laminate

Linen Vinylmax (standard)

Desert Sand Vinylmax

Bronze Exterior Laminate

Internal Grid Options

  • Flat 5/8”
  • Contoured 3/4”
  • SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) Grids

5/8” White Flat

3/4” White Contoured

Simulated Divided Lite