A Brief Overview of Common Window Types
Below is a summary of the many Earthwise window types manufactured by Vinylmax. You can choose from a variety of sizes, frame colors and grid options to match your décor. These window styles and patio doors are available from your local dealer for new construction, replacement and remodeling applications.

Single-Hung Windows
The single-hung window is a traditional style that opens by raising the bottom sash. The top glass in single-hung windows is fixed in place. Other features include:

  • Fixed meeting rail to provide superior structural stability
  • Easy installation due to fewer moving parts
  • Excellent performance and energy efficiency with Vinylmax’s insulated glass system, our vinyl technology, and our premium weatherstripping

Double-Hung Windows
Also a traditional style, the popular double-hung window opens by raising the bottom sash or lowering the top sash of the window. The double-hung also offers:

  • Ample ventilation from top or bottom of window (or both)
  • Sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home
  • Sashes that can be easily removed for any needed repairs

All Earthwise windows produced by Vinylmax have a rich millwork look. You’ll also have a wide variety of color and grid options to match your home’s décor.

Single and Double-Pane Glider Windows
Glider windows open by sliding the operable sash toward the center of the window. Earthwise custom-made windows have a gliding single or double-pane (sometimes called a “lite”). These can be manufactured so that either the left or right sash is operable.

Our windows provide:

  • An operable sash which glides on high‐quality rollers
  • A fixed meeting rail to provide superior structural stability
  • An enhancement to your architectural style
  • Optimum performance for your local climate which helps reduce energy costs

Casement and Awning Windows
Both casement and awning windows are hinged and open outward with a rotary crank handle. Casement windows open from the side while awning windows open at the bottom.

These window types offer you:

  • Unobstructed viewing areas
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Excellent performance and energy efficiency ratings
  • Multi-point locking systems for increased security
  • Earthwise products manufactured by Vinylmax are engineered to perform over the lifetime of your home while remaining maintenance free

Picture Windows and Other Fixed Styles
Picture windows are stationary and cannot be opened. This is often called a “fixed” window. They are used as a main feature, providing unobstructed views while allowing a large amount of natural light indoors. Picture windows can be used alone or in a group with other window styles.

Other fixed accent windows include:

  • Transom windows, which are used as accents around larger windows
  • Geometric shapes which are also popular as accent windows and include half-rounds, quarter-rounds, triangles and more; most are a fixed type

Bay and Bow Windows
What is the difference between a bay and a bow window? The bay window protrudes farther from a wall than a bow window, which is shaped in a gentle curve.

The bay window creates a sense of open space. The most popular configuration is a central fixed window flanked by two other windows, usually casement or double-hung styles that permit ventilation. Bow windows contain four or more windows. The windows join to form a gentle “bow” shape. Similar to a bay configuration, bow windows are typically fixed and the side windows are operable.

Both bay and bow windows offer:

  • An outward  projection from the room for a dramatic look
  • Plenty of natural light

Earthwise welded frames and sashes produce a strong, virtually airtight window that’s ideal for both bow and bay configurations. Our windows are engineered and built to exceed even the strictest requirements for ENERGY STAR windows. All Earthwise vinyl windows produced by Vinylmax are made with a proprietary vinyl framing material. This is an advanced, environmentally-safe compound formulated to withstand the harsh effects of weather and ultraviolet light.

Patio Doors
Earthwise patio doors maximize light while providing thermal efficiency, security and ease-of-operation. Choose from a selection of distinctive colors and grid patterns and decorative hardware options. Vinylmax builds these sliding glass doors with a rich millwork look which makes for an attractive finish to your home.

These sliding glass doors feature:

  • Dual tandem rollers for effortless operation
  • Multi-point locking system and sturdy, full-length interlocking meeting rails for enhanced security
  • Fusion-welded mainframe and sash for superior structural stability and weather resistance
  • Insulated glass system and vinyl material technology for superior performance
  • Sliding doors to conserve interior floor space when compared to hinged doors